Finding a Tour Driver: Tips & FAQ


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Why hire a Tour Driver?

Hiring a private tour driver for your trip provides you with the ultimate flexibility, convenience and comfort. It can also often save you money compared with doing an organised group tour, especially when travelling with friends or a partner.

  • Benefits vs. Public Transport

You can precisely taylor your itinerary, without the restrictions of where the public transport network serves. With a tour driver, you can travel direct from one destination to the next, without the need for changes or to worry about luggage. You can also easily stop at any points of interest enroute, and make comfort breaks on demand! 

  • Benefits vs. a Guided Tour

Customise your itinerary to focus on the things than interest you most. You also have full flexibility on timings and how long you spend at each attraction. It can often be far cheaper to have a private local driver than to join an organised tour, especially if you are travelling with friends or a partner.

  • Benefits vs. Car Rental

Car rental is a great option in many locations. However, the stress and hassle of car hire in a foreign destination can put many people off. Additionally, car rental by foreigners is often impossible/non-advisable for liability reasons in several countries.

Types of Trips

Local tour drivers can provide a full range of services - from airport transfers, to city tours, day trips and longer multi-day trips.


We always advocate taking all reasonable precautions when travelling. We would recommend verifying the identify of any driver that you hire, and share your travel plans with friends and family. It is usually inadvisable to do extensive travel overnight in many countries.

Driver Accomodation on Longer Trips

On longer, multi-day trips, drivers require overnight accomodation. How this is organised varies from country-to-country. Often guesthouses will have drivers rooms, or there will be drivers hostels in most towns. Be sure to discuss this with your driver before agreeing a price, so that you are clear what is included.

Agreeing an Itinerary and Price

Be sure to be crystal clear with your driver on the itinerary and included services, before starting a trip. Get clarity on whether added extras such as tolls, fuel, driver accomodation etc are part of the price you agree.

How to Pay

We would recommend that payment to your driver is either made at the end of the trip, or incrementally (e.g. pay in the evening after each day of travel). Payment up-front can lead to disagreements. Tips are also recommended, especially for longer trips. This varies country-by-country, but 10% is a good rule of thumb. If you are paying daily on longer trips, inclusion of a tip at the end of the day for good service is a nice gesture.

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